Perfumed Letters

Reading the scent trail of fragrance and words

Copyright and Fine Print

Do not use content from this blog in print media without written permission from CherylQuimby (QuimbyCheryl@gmail dot com)
You may link or quote from this blog with attribution in other electronic media.
Most of the photos are my property. Written permission required to reuse, repost:
I request permission and/or post attribution for photos that are not my own, unless they are utterly ubiquitous and/or in the public domain.
Unless otherwise noted, the perfumes I write about are from my personal collection (samples, decants, bottles), or they are fragrances encountered in shops, on a friend’s dressing table, or in  fleeting sillage (about which I will go on and on the post). I do not write about perfume in exchange for payment or products.
I welcome you  to link to your own blogs and to direct readers to your own posts when they relate to content posted here.
No ads please. I delete comments with embedded or linked ads.

Go ahead--talk amongst yourselves! Reactions, advice, ramblings or a little "hello"--all welcome here:

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