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Sampling Notes: l’Ambre des merveilles


First of all,  I must blame, thank Natalie at Another Perfume Blog, whose recent discussion of l’Ambre des merveilles made me detour to my favorite perfume counter for a sniff.

The head says: 

I like the way all of the Eau des Merveilles flankers offer hummable variations on a theme. When there is an almost complete fragrance disconnect between a new scent and its closest sibling (think Coco noir and Coco; Belle d’Opium and Opium) I feel cheated out of a potential olfactory narrative.

Full discolsure: I’ll try anything with ambre in its name.

The nose says:

L’Ambre des Merveilles is immediately recognizable as a member of the Eau des Merveilles family. In a raw sniff, I might confuse this one with Eau claire des merveilles, but side-by-side,  l’Ambre des merveilles is quite a bit sweeter, more creamy, less dry; much softer than the original, with none of the Elixir des merveilles syrup.

For comparison, I sprayed on a bit of the original, the Eau claire and the l’Ambre today as I began drafting these sampling notes. An hour later,  I was told by one of the guys power washing our house: “You smell nice!”  Which is to say, the three hold up nicely in an atmosphere of falling leaves and bleach water.

The heart says:

Hermès and I tend to play well together, and  Jean-Claude Ellena‘s compositions are the top of my list. After all, he is responsible for the heavenly l’Eau d’Hiver (Fréderic Malle). I’m partial to his creations.

Each disk-shaped  flacon is indeed merveilleux, especially when perched off center: the whimsical, sparkling sky original; the limited edition azure-hued Constellation and Pégase;  the opaque metal parfum;  and the shiny, sleek, metallic-edged Ambre.

L‘Eau des merveilles makes the strongest statement.  Elixir-too sweet for me. L’Ambre and Eau claire (which share a very  similar drydown on me) juuuuust right!

By the way have you seen the the Perfume Shrine’s Eau des Merveilles Timeline? Check it out!


Photo my own.


4 thoughts on “Sampling Notes: l’Ambre des merveilles

  1. Oh, goody! Glad to hear that you liked this too. It’s really nice. And I’m not surprised that we share a similar appreciation for Eau Claire (although I like the original too). What a nice collection yours make!

  2. I am such a Hermes (w)hore! But my brain gets all addled with all the flankers, not just from this line, but from so many lines that I tend to get exhausted and exasperated and throw up my hands and cry “Uncle”!

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