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Monsters from the Id and Witchy Brews


The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (Joseph Green, 1962).

Truth be told, I eschew holidays dedicated to conspicuous consumption, coerced gift-giving, and the proliferation of mawkishly themed napkins and paper cups. I’m talking to you, Valentine’s Day. Halloween fits right into the mix, but I’m not a total curmudgeon. I welcome the decked out  trick-or-treaters, and  truly enjoy our block-party tradition of hanging out on front porches to visit as we dish out candy. Not to mention I’m addicted to caramel apples.

Halloween season also brings to the fore all of the little monsters from the aesthetic id that lie dormant most of the year.  This week I have an urge to re-watch Georges Franju’s poetic cult classic Eyes without a Face (1960); and B-movie marvels like  The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (Joseph Green, 1962),  and  Forbidden Planet (Fred M. Wilcox, 1956) ––the film that brought me monsters from the id. In late October, Donovan’s “Season of the Wtich” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Hypnotized” creep to the top of my commuter playlist.  At the same time, I seek out strange, witchy brews from my perfume stash. When the leaves turn, I reach for  ambery, woody, woodsy, or boozy comfort blends:  Ambre 114 (Histoires de perfumes);   Idole de Lubin;  Gaiac (Micallef);  Winter Woods (Sonoma Scent Studio); Frapin 1270.  But by mid-October, I’m ready for the beautiful monsters.  Cozé remains my go-to scent for fog-laced, moonlit October moods, and dark and stormy nights.

As Halloween approaches, do you seek out witchy fragrance brews? What are your favorite beautiful monsters?


3 thoughts on “Monsters from the Id and Witchy Brews

  1. I remember precisely the first time I saw The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. It was in the mid-70s and I was exhilaratingly freaked out. I now own a crappy video tape version of it!

    Oddly I have been pretty much scent-less for over a week. Hmmm, what would I consider a witchy-brew? Perhaps it’s time for me to spritz on some TokyoMilk Arsenic! Though a nice warm amber would fit the bill, too.

  2. Do you remember the monster in the closet? What a crazy ride. I need to re-watch this one. It’s been ages. I just saw Eyes without a Face for the 20th time.

    TokyoMilk Arsenic sounds like just the ticket.

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