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After-Dinner Libations


Just getting started.
This doesn’t happen to me every day. One evening in early March, as we settled into the living room for an after-dinner drink, one of my guests asked if I would bring down some perfumes for everyone to smell. She wanted to try (her words) some strange ones. I quickly assembled a basket of goodies, featuring a few classic heavy-hitters (Bal à Versailles, Envy, Opium…), some newer blends (Chergui, Cozé, Field Notes from Paris, George Sand, Iris ganache, Winter Star…), and a few palate cleansers (Salt Air, Truth). Digestifs were downed, test-strips were sprayed and dunked, perfumes decanted, vials labeled. Everyone went home with a favorite. Below is the morning clean-up photo. Remains of an impromptu perfume party.
The morning after.

6 thoughts on “After-Dinner Libations

  1. This looks so fun! And selfishly, I’m so glad you are on WordPress. Yippee!

  2. Thanks for coming over to the new site, Natalie! I’d been thinking about the move for a while. I still have to tinker a bit and get the hang of it, but I’m enjoying the cleaner look and hope to keep it that way, even when I get all my widgets are in a row. And the perfume party–highly recommended!

  3. Welcome to the neighborhood! 🙂

  4. You said it, laniersmith! Thanks for stopping by!

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