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2011 Grammys and Forget-You Perfumes


My second favorite performance of the 2011 Grammy Awards was Mick Jagger’s cover of “Someone to love.” Between his animal appeal and preternatural energy, the 67-year-old rocker makes teen-throb werewolves and vampires look downright kittenish. No one says “Forget me” (or “Forget you, for that matter), quite like Mick.
Which brings me to my favorite Grammy moment,  Cee Lo Green’s cleaned up “F*** You.” The act featured back-up Muppets chiming “Ain’t that some shhh!”) along with Gwyneth Paltrow, who rocked some serious Forget-Me (or were they Forget-You?) pumps.
Photo from Formula Shopping
I’ve never had the kind of shoes they call Forget-Me pumps, but I do stomp around in Forget-You boots (Kenneth Cole, on your left). I wear them to work whenever I need a little extra body armor.  Unintentionally, I have also designated a few perfumes as my go-to Forget-You frags. The latest? Tom Ford’s  Black Orchid Voile de Fleur. Like an expletive uttered only in my head, Voile de fleur‘s initial gardenia blast has a brief, but stinging, in-your-face quality. This brashness lasts just long enough to make me feel more fierce than I am. By the time I mingle with the world, Voile de fleur has settled down nicely, the gardenia always discernible,  but softened, in a plummy amber patchouli base reminiscent of Black Orchid, minus the chocolate.  A kind, gentle drydown, yes. Still, I know I’m dressed for battle.
An unsanitizsed version  of this olfactory speech-act might be a strong dose of Tabu or Youth Dew. But why be so obvious? Think about it. Nothing puts the emphasis on Cee Lo’s  “F*** You” quite like the relentless repetition of “Forget You” in its place. Eminem slipped in an unbleeped “f***ing” — but who noticed? OK, technically, I did. Let me rephrase the question: But who cares.
       I can never figure out if Lady Gaga is saying  I love you or Forget you to her image and music sources. That emergence from what appeared to be a giant uterus surely owes something to the late Marc Bolan (T. Rex) who danced himself  “right out the womb” in Cosmic Dancer (1971).
      And speaking of “Forget You” moments, Cee Lo Green’s song sent me searching for this video of the Stones’ 1967 eye-rolling performance of a cleaned-up Let’s Spend Some Time Together.”  It is difficult to imagine now, that “Let’s Spend the Night Together” was once too gritty for prime time. The substitute lyrics appeased censors at the Ed Sullivan show (which I watched religiously).  It all comes back to Mick. Ain’t that some shhh!

2 thoughts on “2011 Grammys and Forget-You Perfumes

  1. Should have been song of the year! I love the pug dog muppet!

  2. Oh, no. I get the categories mixed up. Tell me this song was not in the category with that ho-hum Lady Antebellum thing.

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