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Lessons in perkiness: Enjoy by Patou

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Photo ©Cheryl Quimby

A bouquet of flowers soaking in fruit punch. When Enjoy eventually calms down the patchouli more or less saves it from becoming an umbrella drink.
It is difficult to avoid the white elephant in the room, Joy.  The names say it all: an expansive, breathtaking, state of being versus a perky imperative offered with the delivery of a cocktail, or the blue plate special: “Enjoy!”
Note to self: Stop trying fruity florals; they’re just not that into you.
If they are into you, give this one a try!


One thought on “Lessons in perkiness: Enjoy by Patou

  1. Very funny! They're not that into me, either, but I keep trying because it's hard to write off 50% of what's released. (Or, you know, maybe it would make life easier…)

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