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Animal meets Vegetable: PG23 Drama Nuui by Parfumerie Generale

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Full disclosure: I find jasmine scents (and many white floral scents, for that matter) difficult to wear. They come on strong, and usually become more and more headache-inducing over time. I have to admire them from afar, with cautious sniffs from bottles and blotters. So I may not have the taste of a true jasmine lover.

That said, Drama Nuuï is simply the best jasmine blend I have ever sampled. For the first 30 minutes the jasmine is quite strong on my skin. Not a squeaky sweet jasmine, but a rich, heady, chewy, indolic (and in that way, animalic) jasmine. The jasmine never fades away, but over time it shares air space with a fresh and woody base that reminds me of lavender and fougère colognes

Highly recommended if you can wear jasmine and if you like “dirty” jasmine as opposed to bridal-gown jasmine.


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