Perfumed Letters

Reading the scent trail of fragrance and words

Fond memory: Envy Me by Gucci

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From a car window in Devon. (©2007 Cheryl Quimby)

In the summer of 2007 I did some road-tripping through Devon and Derbyshire with DH and dear friends. We spent a few days at the  Izaac Walton Inn Hotel, where we had delicious dinners each night. There I noticed a waitress who always left a wake of pleasantly fragrant shampoo. She told me I was detecting her Envy Me perfume, and revealed her own sweet back story, involving a boyfriend far away. Envy Me  always seemed a bit too sweet for me, but I encountered it here as a fresh fragrance, appropriate for working in a dining room where the odors of cuisine have claim to center stage. When all is said and done, I prefer to wear  Envy, which smells like perfume, but should be worn lightly in code quarters.


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