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My own private ambiogenesis: Cozé by Parfumerie générale

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Cozé is to scent memory what the Human Genome Project is to genealogy.

Bolstered by the phonemes in its almost cozy name,  a first whiff of this pitchy brew brings to mind “primordial ooze.” The rich blend, featuring canapa sativa seed oil, pepper, cocoa, ebony, coffee and pimento shocks at first, then eventually soothes by evoking something far away yet familiar, as mysterious as Easter Island, as mundane as rush-hour traffic. It is not the comfort smell of mother’s apron or grandfather’s pipe. No, one must dig deeper into the past. Cozé unleashes an imaginary journey through time and space, encompassing the La Brea Tar Pits, the African Savannah, a quest for fire, the Lascaux caves, exploration of the New World, and your favorite leather chair.

Hot, tarry, dusty, as pungent as burnt rubber, and rather beautiful in a disarming way. Not for the fainthearted, but a must-try all the same.

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One thought on “My own private ambiogenesis: Cozé by Parfumerie générale

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