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Virtue or Vice? Envy EDT by Gucci

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I expected Envy to stomp into the room, cold and bossy, a conversation-stopper, an elbow-jabber, a party-spoiler, a bundle of sass and sillage with a bad perm. After a drink or two, she would skulk off to settle in the corner with a few peevish civets.

But no! Envy floats into the room fresh from a walk, a sunny personality bathed in cool spring air. On first meeting she sparkles and cajoles, leaving a soft trail of cut grass and flowers in bloom as she works the room.

One-on-one, she leans in and listens, at once earnest and lighthearted, sweet but not needy, never clingy. She’s there for you but she gives you some space.

Envy may be green, but a deadly sin? More a heavenly virtue to me. She radiates serene energy, she is true to herself, she lives in the moment, she gets along with small children and animals, she performs random acts of kindness, her carbon footprint is small, she can bake bread, and she looks fabulous in a little black dress. She’s her best possible self, the envy of men and women alike; yet her grace, confidence and good breeding keep her from ever thinking, much less saying, “Envy Me.”

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