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Fragrant Readers,

I’m checking in after a long hiatus to say that despite my silence of many months here in the blogoshere, I’ve kept busy reading, speaking, and writing about perfume. Most of my perfumed work in recent months was entwined with academic life. In fall I taught my new dream course, “Senses of Fiction.” I gave a talk called “Skin Deep” (on women and perfume at the fin-de-siècle ) at a recent Nineteenth-Century French Studies conference. My article “The Scent Trail of ‘Une Charogne’”  hit the press a few months ago. In the planning stages: an interactive perfume lecture at a local boutique.

Next Friday I’ll be speaking on “Perfumed Letters: A Roundtable Discussion of Perfume and Literature” at George Washington University. Check out the entire schedule here: Perfumed Letters. As you can see, I’ll be in excellent company. We will be talking about the many ways in which our perfumes and our pages have met.

The weekend events will culminate in readings and book signings by Alyssa Harad (Coming to My Senses)  and Holly Dugan (The Ephemeral History of Perfume). Click here for more information.

Join us if you are in the D.C. area!



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